Everyone  who managed to get into a photo at the Reunion now has a "rollover" photo.

Roll your mouse over the pictures with the or  icon below the photo.....

If you don't like your picture send in a new one..... ..

Also you can now E-Mail Individuals below and their E-Mail ID will be private until they answer you. 

Please E-Mail any corrections to  **This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.**

Don Amaro ausanka0 patricia berritta
Donald John Philip Thomas Patricia
Amaro Ausanka Balicki Baxer Berritta
Niantic Southington Lost Lamb West Hartford Vernon
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lois bober
Sue Lois Richard Lawrence Patricia
Berube Bober Boccia Boilard Buchas
  Anderson     Papagna
Deceased Southwick,Ma Newington Wethersfield Lexington,Ky
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patricia burns richard calio
Regina Patricia Patricia Barbara  Richard 
Bujnowski Burke Burns Byron Calio
    Schrager Najarian    
Deceased Plainville Wolcott Deceased South Windsor
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john cassella
Carol John Joanne Leslie Michael
Cannata Cassella Cayer Cayer Charlow
Levin    Labriola Ohta    
Melrose Park, PA Stockbridge,Ma Westbrook Annapolis,Md Glen Cove, NY
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patricia cherpak
Patricia Stanley Michael Patricia Sandra
Cherpak Chmielewski Cianci Connelly Connelly
Drachenberg         Beckius Kennedy
Plainville Southington Deceased Newington Vernon
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Thomas  Richard Thomas Kevin Rachel
Colangelo Colaresi Cooley Corcoran Columbe
Farmington Arnold,Md NYC,NY Florida Kensington
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William Crowley mary custy john daly
William Mary  Rita John Darlene
Crowley Custy Daddario Daly Danko
      Taylor     Taradeina?
Newton,Ma Newington Southington West Hartford New Britain
  ^E Mail Me^ Deceased      ^E Mail Me Deceased
josephine davirro
Josephine Paula Yvonne Richard Alfred 
D'Avirro D'Avanzo Depot Deshaies DiBattista
Baroni Rose Williams      
New Britain Woolrich, ME Dale City,Va New Britain Southington
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patricia difronzo Mike Domenghino judy domkowski
Patricia Regina Roberta Michael Judith
DiFronzo Dlugauska Dodd Domenghino Domkowski
Mirante Grikis         Singelis
Rocky Hill Ft Worth, Tx Newington Switzerland Lakeville
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Sorry but photo was scanned from newspaper,Joe Duffy Cathy Fagan
Norman Joseph Jo-Anne Rudolph Kathleen
Doucette Duffy Dunn Ertl Fagan
Lost Lamb Wethersfield Lost Lamb Kensington Chadds Ford,Pa
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brenda fesiak patricia fietkiewicz
Brenda Patricia Eileen Arthur Linda 
Fesiak Fietkiewicz Fink Fournier Frade
Romeo St John Binford       
South Carolina Deceased Newington Las Vegas, NV Greenacres, FL
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John Francis linda gentile ada gherlone
John Norman   Royal   Linda  Ada
Francis Gaudette Gay Gentile Gherlone
        Aube Amaro
Rocky Hill Lost Lamb   Loudenville, NY    Rocky Hill Niantic
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Toni Giardino margaret goulet  
Antoinette Frank    Gloria Margery   Margaret
Giardino Gilcrest Glaser Goodno Goulet
        D'Avanzo Pulito
Deceased    Newington  Deceased     Manchester   West Hartford
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Elaine Robert   John  Agnes Raymond
Gozzo Grace Grasso Gray Grogan
  Newington Deceased   Deceased Flushing, NY Deceased
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al guida
Andree Al  Jeffery Brian  Janice
Guertin Guida Hartling Hartnett Herdlein
Wackelin           Serafino
Whitingham,Vt Columbia New Britain Canton Kensington
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william heslin marianne hlavati horton0
William Mariane Robert Mark Catherine
Heslin Hlavati Horton Horvath Howland
Marlbourgh Greenwich Hopewell Junction, NY Deceased She has been found!!!
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Ellen Merlin      
Johnson Johnstone      
New Britain Deceased      
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