Class of '62

Sorry to say we lost another Classmate


Derrol Rudnick



Please remember him and his family in your prayers....

Class of 1962

Larger Class Photo

People who attended the reunion had such a good time they are evangelizing the event!!!

Here is a photo of Don Perrault meeting Lou Brunette in Ashland, WA.  talking about the reunion!!!


Seems like everyone is getting the Reunion itch, the photo below is a "Mini" Reunion of the folks from St. Joes...

Can you pick out your classmates??


Answer: Row 1:  (1)  Charles Pope,  (3)  Maureen (Murphy) Kristopik,

Row 2 : (1)  Tom Ponte,  (2)  Peggy (McKeon) Bardoorian,  (4)  Sharon (Redente) Reed,  (5)  Anne (Quinn) Donovan

Row 3 (1)  Dan Sullivan, (2)  Mike Hayes

Thanks to Mike Hayes



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