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shugrue quinn  srmichael0 marie thomas mary winifred
Rev. John T. Shugrue Rev. Thomas P. Quinn Sr. Michael Joanne Sr. Marie Thomas Sr. Mary Winifred


Principal 1962-1971 Principal


Assistant Principal


Assistant Principal


    (Shea) (Devine) (Sullivan)
Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased  Deceased 
helenedward joan therese julie regina mechtilde st henry
Sr. Helen Edward Sr. Joan Terese Sr. Julie Regina Sr. Gertrude Mechtilde Sr. Mary St. Henry
(O'Conner)   (Aucoiun) (Murphy) (Duffy)
Returned to secular life Returned to secular life Returned to secular life    
  Hingham, MA   Deceased  Deceased 
st julie teresa st james ann philip srbeatrice0  srimelda0 
Sr. Saint Julie Sr. Teresa Saint James Sr. Ann Philip  Sr. Marie Beatrice Sr. Imelda Marie
(Faherty) (Donovan)
  (Janson-LaPalme)   (McQueeney)
Longest tenure at STAHS Deceased Retired   Deceased 
Deceased   Worcester,MA Ipswitch, MA East Hartford Windsor

rita st edward alice louise patrice  ursulastjames  marionwilliam
Sr. Rita Saint Edward Sr. Alice Louise Sr. Claire Patrice  Sr. Ursula St. James Sr. Marion William
(Hayes) (Connolly)      
Deceased  Deceased  Deceased     
julieedwina marycatherine mccreesh frshaw   sr mary patrice
Sr. Julie Edwina Sr. Mary Catherine David P. McCreesh  Rev. Charles E. Shaw Sr. Mary Patrice
Director of Guidance
    Deceased  Deceased  Deceased 
frederick gaudette mcgrath piche sullivan
Miss Lois Frederick Mr Thomas Gaudette Mrs. Mary McGrath Miss Marie Piche Miss. Maureen Sullivan
  Deceased  Deceased    Deceased 
mrs hlavati mrs LaFlamme mrs ring mr tanguay mrs wolak
Mrs. Helvati Mrs. La Flamme Mrs. Ring Mr. Tanguay Mrs. Wolak
Deceased  Deceased  Deceased     
rukus0 eagen dandley dutremble  spendolini1
Mr. Rukus Miss Eagen Miss Dandley Mr. Dutremble Mr. Spendolini

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