Message from a '61 classmate.....
I am trying to get the word out about the newly formed (August 2012) New Britain Historical Society.  
Currently they are looking for "start up" help.
NBHS have  Facebook page
and an email address (New Britain Historical Society <**This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.**>).  
Here is the "About" info from Facebook & and an email response from Prez Amy Kirby on their current status/projects. (the hot dog reference has to do with their current meeting place - Capitol Lunch).
Any volunteer time and/or articles, documents, etc. would be appreciated.
Jim Meehan


1. Preserving the history and heritage of New Britain, neighboring towns, and the State of Connecticut. 

2. Researching and promoting awareness of the region’s cultures and communities from the founding of New Britain to the present day.

3. Advancing historical knowledge and understanding through school and other educational programs and civic activities.

General Information
Board Members

Amy Kirby - President
Art Ververis - Treasurer
Christine Chamberlain Puffer - Clerk
Edwin Stackhouse - Board Member
Rex Cone - Board Member


We are still going through the IRS process and even though the attorney doing it for us has said we can do memberships provided we tell people they are not tax deductible just yet, I have decided not to and just wait until they are.  I figure there's less confusion that way.  I will however let you know when we do get to that point.  As for helping spread the word thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  We will take all the word spreading we can get.  I also will keep you up to date with newsletters and about what events we have going on just "in case" you can help with them, even when hot dogs aren't involved. 
I am not sure if you would be interested in this or not but one of the current projects we are working on is the Police Museum.  We are currently in charge of curating everything they have (and boy is there a lot) as they have never had a formal numbering system/catalog in place.  The museum hasn't been open to the public in a few years and now with the new station things are different all together.  In the new building there is no longer a dedicated museum space but rather display cases throughout every floor.  Once things are numbered, cataloged, boxed, and moved everything will then be placed in the cases for display.  We have been working directly with the Chief of Police and in return for doing this and maintaining and updating the cases every few months, he has agreed that whatever is not currently on display or they no longer have room for will be shared with/given to the historical society.  If you or anyone you know is interested in police history, this place is a treasure trove of about 150 years of memorabilia.  We certainly could use help with this project anytime (even if it were just an hour or two) and if you could help get the word out that would be great.

Thanks again,


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